O tym jak budować produkty cyfrowe
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Episode is in English / Odcinek w języku angielskim

This episode is exceptional for us for two reasons. Firstly it's the last episode of our second season, where we are talking about UX career paths. Secondly, it's because we decided to reach way beyond UX in Poland.

That is why we invited Keith Instone, who has got more than 30 years of experience in UX and product design, and luckily he agreed to share his stories with us.

Together with Keith, we talked about avoiding stagnation after reaching the seasoned Senior UX level. We explored different ideas and opportunities for growing your already vast knowledge and experience.

We tired to answer one crucial question:

What else can surprise us in the UX world, and how we can prepare ourselves for these surprises without drastic changes in our UX career.

Listen to this episode if you are interested in:

  • learning how to design your career path after reaching a Senior UX position,
  • learning how to identify different ways and opportunities that are opening for seniors,
  • getting to know how to plan your career development, where to look for growth opportunities, so you can quickly adjust to industry shifts,
  • finding inspirations for further development,
  • exploring what can happen with the Polish UX industry in a few years.

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